Quinte Essences - Extra-Brut

Unique blend of 5 champagne grape varieties, this remarkable cuvée is naturally elaborated with the famous chardonnay, pinot noir and meunier but more exclusively also with petit meslier and arbanne. These extremely rare varieties, covering barely 30 hectares each in the whole of Champagne, bring a light smokiness and peculiar mirabelle notes, unique to this cuvée.



Caution, all orders will be processed in full cartons of same products (assortment possible).



Quinte Essences is an atypical and ephemeral cuvée produced only in 2013, never before, never after. Indeed, Mother Nature was particularly kind to our fragile and temperamental arbanne and petit meslier in 2013. Thus, it became clear that we needed to take this opportunity to put these very special grape varieties into the spotlight. Backed by the precise right amount of pinot noir, chardonnay and meunier, Quinte Essences was born... but only 5000 bottles of it!

Because Quinte Essences is like no other cuvée, treat yourself to an experience never offered before in Champagne and taste two versions of it:

Let the Extra-brut (5g/l of sugar) enchant you with its silkiness, or enjoy the purity of the Brut Nature (0g/l of sugar). 

And since the 5000 bottles of Quinte Essences celebrate the 50th anniversay of our house, marrying the 5 grape varieties which compose our vineyard, we decided to package this exclusive cuvée in boxes of 5 bottles. Moreover, every single one of the 5000 bottles will wear a unique, numbered cap.

Ageing evolution

6 years


Secret blending
Pinot Noir
Petit Meslier


5 g/l (Extra-Brut)

Tasting advice

The hawthorne flower notes highlight the minerality which gives Quinte Essences Extra-Brut its depth. Your palate will be charmed by its toasted bread and blond tobacco flavours. Try it with a perch fillet à la meunière and sweet potatoe crips.